Our Policies

Grouplooper.com is an unusual website.

It is FREE for the public to use but the owner Apparation LLC does NOT attempt to exploit or monetize your personal data.

Apparation LLC will NOT send you any emails, text messages or any other forms of communication other than those that occur as a natural result of your using site features or that you have explicitly signed up to receive and can opt out of at any time. For example, if you are invited to play in a tee time, you’ll receive a tee time invitation email.

Apparation LLC will NOT sell or distribute your personally identifiable information to any 3rd parties.

GroupLooper.com does include a small number of locations where ads are posted but the site does not contain any pop-up ads or other intrusive forms of advertising that make you wait to use system features.

GroupLooper® allows you to dial up or dial down privacy features by managing your profile settings, putting you in control of who can communicate with you via the site.

Why does Apparation provide this FREE service without monetizing the use of the data collected on the site?

We believe golf is the greatest game ever invented and we want to help more people enjoy the game. We created GroupLooper® with a goal of making golf more fun, more convenient and more affordable… so people play more often. We do have a selfish motivation. If people play more golf, our customers (primarily golf course operators and operators of golf membership programs who pay for extensions of GroupLooper® or other custom golf-related apps) will be more successful and will be more likely to purchase Apparation products and services.

We hope you enjoy using GroupLooper® and that it helps you play MORE GOLF.

If you enjoy your GroupLooper® experience and want to contribute to the cause, you can do so in three ways:

  • Invite your friends that golf to register and use GroupLooper®. The tool becomes more valuable as more people use it.

  • Send us feedback and ideas for enhancements. We are always looking for ways to make the site more useful. Contact us at support@grouplooper.com.

  • Make a contribution to the GroupLooper® Enhancement Fund. We’ll be starting this up in 2020 and any funds donated will be spent to pay for the resources required to make enhancements requested by GroupLooper® users. We’ll continue to enhance the service even if no one contributes, but we’ll be able to go farther faster with some help. Stay tuned for more information on how to contribute.

And now, if you want to read the boring part of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, use the links below… we recommend that you read them but the most important part of your GroupLooper® experience is to PLAY MORE GOLF.

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