Man, These Guys Are Good!

I have been looking forward to this year’s golf season more than most because my buddy Paul and I decided that this year we are going to play as a Doubles Golf® team.

We’re two guys who typically shoot in the low to mid 80s… or high 80s… or low 90s… and every once in a great while the blind squirrel finds an acorn and we nudge down into the 70s… you know how it goes.  We viewed the Doubles Golf® two-person scramble format as a way for us to have a chance to go low… and to continue a tradition as teammates that started 50 years ago on a freshman high school basketball team.

It’s great when a good plan comes together.  In our first full round of the season last week at Deer Run we fired a nifty little 4-under par 67 and man, did we have a great time doing it.  It was also fun to post our two nine-hole scores of 32 and 35 in the 2PG Rating and Ranking System… we’ve never had the pleasure of posting scores like that as individuals and we’re going to enjoy seeing how our scores stack up with other teams going forward.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Doubles Golf® format is going to motivate us to get out and play an extra 5 to 10 times this season… that’s more fun for Paul and Mike and more revenue for local golf course operators.

Most course operators right now don’t have a second of free time to spare as you deal with new rules and regulations and the crush of cabin-fevered golfers who are flocking to the courses for some relief from the lockdown… but when things settle down, give some thought to how you can use this new tool at your course to generate some additional fun for golfers and some additional cash for your till.

Check out the Doubles Golf program here.

Note:  In the interest of full disclosure, Apparation LLC developed the 2PG Rating and Ranking System used by the Doubles Golf Committee to rate and rank registered two-person teams.  We’re proud to be associated with this ‘grow-the-game’ initiative.


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