Is Doubles Golf Twice As Much Fun?

“There’s a new game in town”, according to the recently launched Doubles Golf® website.

Doubles Golf® is a branded version of an old format… the two-person scramble.  It was developed by the same team that invented the popular Junior League Golf program and is being supported by some of the most influential people in the golf industry… Jack Nicklaus, Annika Sorenstam, Seth Waugh of the PGA of America and Jay Monahan of the PGA Tour to name a few.

Golfers have always been able to be rated as individuals via the handicap system.  For the first time, Doubles Golf® enables two-person teams to be rated and ranked.

As a golfer, I love the idea for several reasons:

#1 It makes golf a team sport.  There’s a reason the Ryder Cup generates more intense emotions than other golf events… team sports do that.  I’ve already registered as a Doubles Golf® team with a buddy who I played high school golf with almost 50 years ago… I’m more excited about the start of the golf season than I’ve been in years.

#2 It gives me (us) a chance to go low.  As low double-digit handicappers, my buddy Paul and I struggle to shoot under 80.  As a team, we believe we have a legitimate chance to shoot some under par rounds.  That’s going to be FUN.

#3 The scramble format is forgiving for casual golfers.  To date, my wife has played golf only on occasion and it’s a stressful experience for her.  Playing as a member of a Doubles Golf® team will be much more enjoyable for her and I’m hopeful that her one round a year will become 5-10 rounds a year.

#4 It’s time efficient.  By having teams post scores in 9-hole increments, the program is legitimizing shorter rounds.  By getting me out of my ’18 or bust’ mindset, I’ll probably play an extra 5-10 times each year.

I could go on, but you get the point.  This program is going to help me and my teammates to play more golf and to have more fun.

As a golf course operator, you have an opportunity to embrace this new format to give your customers a new alternative that motivates them to show up, pay and play.  Don’t miss out on this revenue-enhancing opportunity.

To learn more about how to leverage Doubles Golf® to help your business, check out the program here and get in touch with the folks who can help you get started.

Note:  In the interest of full disclosure, Apparation LLC has worked under contract as the developer and operator or the software that powers the Doubles Golf® Rating and Ranking System.  Our team is proud to be associated with this innovative program.



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