Have you noticed the game of SurveyMania that consumer services companies are engaged in these days?

Every time I take an airline flight, I get an email survey asking me to rate the experience.  The same is true for hotel stays, car rentals, automobile repair/service visits, doctor and dentist appointments, etc.  EVERY TIME.

Many call centers employ the same strategy, trying to get me to stay on the line to answer a few questions after a call to make a reservation or get an answer to a question.

I’m receiving the surveys from both giant companies (e.g., Delta Airlines) and small ones (my local car dealer).  I thought it was kind of cute at first, but now it’s getting a little annoying.  There must be some method to the madness or they wouldn’t be doing it.

I don’t recall receiving any survey requests from any of the 100 or so different golf courses I’ve played in the last two years.

What do you think?  Should golf courses be hopping on the survey bandwagon?

It’s one more thing to think about during what looks to be a long winter developing on our frozen tundra.

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