GolfNow Acquired EZLinks… told you so

Several months ago I wrote to you about the rumors that GolfNow, the largest golf course management software company, was in negotiations to buy #2 (EZLinks).

This week the other shoe dropped… NBC Sports (parent of GolfNow) announced that they have acquired EZLinks.

What does this mean for course operators?

#1 – My sources are pretty good… if I tell you in the future that I’m hearing rumblings about a significant change… don’t doubt me.

#2 – Don’t worry… the GolfNow/EZLinks combination will not result in a monopoly in the golf course management software market.  Click here to read the analysis of the situation we wrote in June (“Monopolies Suck… and Then They Die”).  It’s worth the two minutes that it takes to read… and if you want to share your two cents’ worth on the topic, please post a comment.

#3 – If history is any guide, a significant number of GolfNow’s “acquired” customers will go shopping for new software in the next few years.  The 1,200+ courses currently using EZLinks represent a significant growth opportunity for the other strong vendors in the golf course management software market.  We’ll be writing a Food For Thought blast/blog post on the state of the major players soon… 2019 has seen a number of significant changes in this market.


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