Let’s Focus on VALUE (not just discounts)

We understand that some course owners are wary that the IGDB Marketing Co-Op might become just another discount program pitching rounds of golf for insanely low prices… that’s not the intent.

Golfers visit today’s 3rd party booking sites for two reasons…

  1. it’s CONVENIENT to be able to go to a single site rather than hopping from one golf course website to another
  2. 3rd party sites frequently offer DISCOUNTED PRICES.

We don’t know which feature draws more golfers… we know they’re both powerful draws.

The value that the IGDB Marketing Co-Op will offer to golfers is that it will make golf more CONVENIENT, more FUN and more AFFORDABLE.  If we do a good job of blending these things, it will incent golfers to play MORE GOLF… will all of the green fees, cart fees, etc. landing in the pockets of golf course owners/operators.  While we could (and will eventually) write many pages describing how we’ll achieve this, here it is in a nutshell:

More CONVENIENT – We will obsess on providing golfers with the MOST convenient services for golfers looking for a golf experience.  A large part of the secret sauce will be dependent on golf course owners/operators collaboration to make this the service that has the highest participation rate of courses… golfers will simply find more information and more options at the IGDB than anywhere else.

More FUN – Come on, owners and operators, let’s offer golfers some exclusive options via the IGDB Marketing Co-Op that are more fun (e.g., how about some “play with the Pro/GM/Owner” opportunities).  The IGDB Marketing Co-Op platform will make it easy to construct and communicate these offers.

More AFFORDABLE – Ok, let’s face it… if you want to draw a crowd, nothing works like a “deal”.  The IGDB Marketing Co-Op should include discount opportunities for golfers as part of its value cocktail.  But each IGDB Member will be 100% in control of any discounts that they choose to offer… no 3rd party will be competing with you to sell rounds at your course for prices that they dictate.




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