IGDB Marketing Alliance Intro

Apparation LLC and the forward-thinking golf course owners/operators behind the Internet Golf Course Database (IGDB) Marketing Alliance program are on a mission.

We aim to turn $100M of cost into $100M+ of revenues for US golf course operators and to provide golfers with an unprecedented level of convenience when booking and organizing their upcoming games.


What is the IGDB Marketing Co-Op?

It’s the future.  The IGDB Marketing Co-Op is a marketing co-operative governed by golf course owners that gives golfers the convenience of one-stop shopping, gives golf course owners an extended marketing reach and avoids the pitfalls inherent in the 3rd party tee time booking platforms of the past… no need to barter, no requirement to discount, no 3rd party brands dis-intermediating you from your customers.


How does it work?

The Alliance provides golfers with a single portal through which they can book tee times on many courses.  But there’s much more than just 3rd party booking.  Every feature is carefully designed to provide convenience to golfers so that they squeeze a few extra rounds into their busy schedules.  Services such as Tee Time Booking and Find a Game can be accessed by golfers through links from your own branded website or app or Facebook page… enhancing your brand and increasing the stickiness of your customer relationships.  Nomadic golfers can also access Alliance services through a consumer brand (GroupLooper) that will be operated in strict compliance with the governing rules established by the Alliance governing board.


Why should you participate?

The investment is small.  The potential returns are large.  Just focusing on tangible numbers, a $1,500 per year investment can easily yield $50k+ in benefits… even minimal use of the Alliance capabilities should yield a 10x return.  The intangible benefits might be even larger… golfers will no longer be looking at brands like GolfNow to be their ‘go to’ source for help with their golf planning… you can provide them with everything that they need and create very sticky, long-lasting relationships.

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We hope you will be joining the team soon… keep reading for details on how the Alliance is evolving.

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Individual golf course owners do not have the scale to compete with the marketing muscle of large consumer organizations.

5,000+ US golf courses trade tee times worth $100M+ per year to 3rd party tee time networks that use these tee times to insert themselves between golfers and golf course operators.  Brands such as GolfNow and Golf18 offer golfers the convenience of one-stop shopping and are accumulating the largest databases of golfer information. Ask any marketing guru and they’ll tell you… “he who has the biggest database wins”.

Golf course owners/operators have ceded the high ground in the marketing wars and are training golfers to consider 3rd parties as their trusted source for golfing opportunities.  This brand erosion has a corrosive impact on the stickiness of golf course operators’ relationships with their core customers and on their bottom lines.

Golf course owners can regain the upper hand in the battle for the hearts and minds of golfers and can win the ‘size matters’ database battle by creating and operating a marketing co-op managed by an honest broker that has the best interests of golf course owners as its first priority.

Golf course owners will collectively spend significantly less to extend their marketing reach and will reap larger benefits for their spending.  They will be able to focus more resources on creating appealing value propositions for golfers.  They will also control an asset that can be used to generate substantial advertising, sponsorship  and access fees and will create industry infrastructure that stimulates the creation of valuable new solutions for the golf industry and overall industry growth.

And better yet… all of this can be done while providing golfers with an enhanced level of convenience.  Let’s make it easier for golfers to get to the first tee and generate a true win-win for golfers and golf course owners/operators.

The collective benefit to US golf course owners should exceed $100M per year.

We are calling the mechanism to achieve these benefits the Golf Marketing Alliance, and there will be chapters serving the unique needs of course operators in various Metro Areas and Regions.  For example, the Land of Lakes Golf Marketing Alliance will serve golf course operators in Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin.

Each regional Alliance will leverage several pieces of proven software such as the Internet Golf Course Database (with over 36,000 golf courses in its directory) and GroupLooper® so it can be implemented quickly, cost-effectively and with high quality.



Use the links below to view details about the Marketing Alliance… dig as deep as you want.  Because the Alliance is governed by course operators, we’re committed to being very transparent about all aspects of the operation.


MARKETING ALLIANCE BRIEF – a synopsis of this groundbreaking program – Click here


MARKETING ALLIANCE SERVICES – a more detailed description of the six major services that comprise the Marketing Co-Op – Course Directory, Tee Time Exchange, Find a Game, Best Value Hotline, Offers You Can’t Refuse, Ad Network – Click here


CONNECTING WITH GOLFERS – a description of the strategy for ensuring that a critical mass of golfers are aware of Alliance services – Click here


FAQS – a comprehensive list of questions posted to date by prospective Alliance members and investors – Click here


Soon, we will be adding a link listing a tally of course owners/operators that have made a commitment to participate in the program in 2019.

The other posts within this Blog stream also contain a wealth of information about the IGDB Marketing Co-Op program.


If you are interested in becoming a Member or Investor… or even if you just have some additional questions…

Contact Mike Dickoff of Apparation LLC at 612-889-6710 (call or text) or send an email to support@theigdb.com


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well written but is still just another golf website based booking system that aspires to garner market share …….. and for the tidy sum of $ 1500. “Co-op” sounds so user friendly and cost effective. No mention of who or what the X times $1500 is for or who the decision maker(s) are. Good bye.

    • Mike Dickoff says:

      Thank you for your comment, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous… it’s always helpful to have feedback. I must say “au contraire” to your sentiments, however. This is not “just another golf website based booking system”… there are several groundbreaking features that can generate real value for golf course operators and for those who are dubious of the value there is a no cash upfront option to consider. As to who the decision-makers are, the co-op will be governed by a board of golf course operators who are among the early adopters. The devil is always in the details, and if you are a golf course owner/operator interested in increasing your bottom line in 2019 I invite you to have a discussion with us about the finer details of the IGDB Marketing Co-Op.

    • Mike Dickoff says:

      And I just can’t quite resist responding to the “tidy sum of $1500” and the “no mention of who or what the X times $1500 is for”. GolfNow extracts a tee time a day from 5,000 golf courses to promote its own branded site… at even a modest average of $25/round that’s $100M per year. If the same 5,000 courses pool their resources in the Co-Op they will pay $7.5M and they will get several additional revenue-producing assets to use, including an Ad Network that allows them to reap the benefits generated the golfers perusing their inventory. So… if you were currently buying something for $100 and someone offered to sell you something with greater value for $7.50… would you say Good bye?

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