Land of Lakes Golf Marketing Alliance Intro

The Land of Lakes Golf Marketing Alliance…

is a collaborative marketing program enabling Minnesota and Wisconsin course operators to work together to stimulate golfers to play and pay more often.

While each course operator continues to do its own direct marketing, the Alliance influences golfers in ways that individual golf courses cannot.

The Alliance has been designed to generate at least 10x ROI for members.

The Alliance is growing fast… already, over 200 MN/WI golf courses are already involved in at least one Alliance-related activity and some early adopters are participating on the Board of Governors.

Why should you participate?

The investment is small.  The potential returns are large.

A $1,000 to $2,000 per year investment can yield significant benefits…

even minimal use of the Alliance capabilities should yield a 10x+ return.

The intangible benefits might be even larger… golfers will no longer be looking at brands like GolfNow to be their ‘go to’ source for help with their golf planning… now golf course operators can provide golfers with everything that they need for both home and away games and can create sticky, long-lasting relationships.

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Why is the Marketing Alliance needed?

Individual golf course owners don’t have the scale to compete with the marketing muscle of large consumer organizations.

5,000+ US golf courses trade tee times worth $100M+ per year to 3rd party tee time networks that use these tee times to insert themselves between golfers and golf course operators.  Brands such as GolfNow offer golfers the convenience of one-stop shopping and are accumulating the largest databases of golfer information. Ask any marketing guru and they’ll tell you… “he who has the biggest database wins”.

Golf course owners/operators have ceded the high ground in the marketing wars and are training golfers to consider 3rd parties as their trusted source for golfing opportunities.  This brand erosion has a corrosive impact on the stickiness of golf course operators’ relationships with their core customers and on their bottom lines.

Direct marketing alone is not enough to compete with the 3rd party marketers… many golfers play 10 or more courses each year and are attracted to information services that help them understand their options.

Golf course owners can regain the upper hand in the battle for the hearts and minds of golfers and can win the ‘size matters’ database battle by participating in a marketing alliance that provides golfers with the variety they crave but without generating a race to the bottom on pricing.

Golf course owners will collectively spend significantly less to extend their marketing reach and will reap larger benefits for their marketing dollars.  They will be able to focus more resources on creating appealing value propositions for golfers.  They will also control an asset that can be used to generate substantial advertising, sponsorship  and access fees and will create industry infrastructure that stimulates the creation of valuable new solutions for the golf industry and overall industry growth.

Better yet… all of this can be done while providing golfers with an enhanced level of convenience.  Let’s make it easier for golfers to get to the first tee and generate a true win-win for golfers and golf course owners/operators.

The collective benefit to US golf course owners could exceed $100M per year… that’d be the collective benefit of getting golfers to play an average of just one additional round per year.

The Land of Lakes Golf Marketing Alliance will serve the needs of course operators in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Similar regional alliances are being developed around the country.  Each regional Alliance will leverage several pieces of proven software such as the Internet Golf Course Database (with over 36,000 golf courses in its directory) and GroupLooper® so it can be implemented quickly, cost-effectively and with high quality.

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We hope you will join the Alliance team soon…

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