So Little Time… So Much To Talk About

We ask you for 5 minutes each week… so little time.

But there is so much to talk about… our team has a running list of almost 100 topics that we think would be both entertaining for you and relevant for your business.

We picked 18 (seemed like a relevant number for a golf crowd) that we thought had some good potential and thumbnailed them below.

Give us a hand, please… please post a reply below letting us know which of the items below pique your interest the most… or respond to our survey.  We’ll prioritize the most popular picks.

#1 – I’m having a hard time playing MORE 18s IN ’18 by the Golf Nomad
The Golf Nomad is having a hard time living up to his pledge to play MORE 18s IN ’18 and he claims it’s not his fault… that he’s not getting enough help from golf course operators.  You can decide if his claims ring true or if you think he’s just a whiny brat.

#2 – Golf Moves by the Golf Gadfly
Rock and roll legend Bob Seger is a golf junkie.  Who knew? The Golf Gadfly, did… check out his conspiracy theory about how some of Seger’s most memorable lyrics contained a coded message for golf course operators… it may unlock an opportunity for increased profits for golf course owners/operators.

#3 – What’s Up, Doc? by the Golf Gadfly
It turns out lots of celebrities play golf… even Bugs Bunny.  Check out Bugs’ Scottish exploits with rival McRory and let the Golf Gadfly explain how his signature line “What’s Up, Doc?” was inspired by golf.

#4 – Will Golfers Play Team Ball?  by the Golf Nomad
With the World Cup just behind us and the Ryder Cup coming up soon, the Golf Nomad has been pondering whether a more team-oriented approach might unlock some growth opportunities for the golf industry.

#5 – Will Golf Course Owners Play Team Ball?  by the Golf Gadfly
This is the companion piece to “Can Golfers Play Team Ball” by the Golf Nomad.  The Golf Gadfly wades into a very complex issue with huge implications for golf course operators.  If you don’t have just a little bit of a headache after reading this treatise we’ll be surprised … but then most of us believe in “no pain, no gain”.

#6 – One More 18 by the Golf Nomad
The Golf Nomad is obsessed with the quest to help every golfer play at least “one more 18”… in ’18 and beyond.  What if they did?  There are a billion reasons why we should want that to happen and they all have a picture of George Washington on them… what’s your plan to capture your share of the payoff?

#7 – Hey, Siri… Book Me A Tee Time by the Golf Nomad
The Golf Nomad is not only a student of the greatest game ever invented… he is also a student of life. On his quest for infinite wisdom, he occasionally picks up one of those nuggets of knowledge that transforms his way of looking at things.  “The most efficient way of doing something is not to do it at all” is one of his favorite aphorisms and it contains a solid lesson for the golf industry.

#8 – Golf Is Not Expensive by the Golf Nomad
One of the reasons people give for golf’s growth problem is that it is “too expensive”.  Have you noticed, however, that conventional wisdom is often wrong?  The Golf Nomad is a firm believer that golf is not expensive… check out his perspective.

#9 – Are You Hiring Entrepreneurs or Bureaucrats? by the Golf Gadfly
During the Golf Gadfly’s immersion in the global airline industry, he saw it all… and it lead to the development of a very interesting theory of human behavior that divides us all into two categories.  Get a sneak peak at his upcoming book… “The Ten Commandments for Entrepreneurs… The Ten Commandments for Bureaucrats.”

#10 – I’ll Never Book A Tee Time On Your Website by the Golf Nomad
The Golf Nomad books a lot of tee times and talks to a lot of golf course operators.  Most of the operators tell him “I’d like every to book tee times on my website.”  Find out why the Nomad politely explains to them all why he simply won’t do that.

#11 – The Future of Tee Times by the Golf Gadfly
Sometimes you see something that is so comically inapt that you shake your head in wonder.  When that happens to the Golf Gadfly, it gets his wheels spinning… check out how his cynical reaction to a venerable old golf industry website may have unlocked the key to “the future of tee times”.

#12 – Will I Remember Your Golf Course? by the Golf Nomad
Having played over 200 golf courses in the last 4 years, the Golf Nomad has a jumble of memories in that bowl of mush inside his noggin.  Which courses have made the most lasting impressions?  Is it important for your course to make a lasting impression? There is some good food for thought here for golf course operators.

#13 – The Fox Is In The Henhouse by the Golf Gadfly
The Golf Gadfly has an interesting theory about the wisdom of using the same vendor for both tee sheet services and tee time distribution… and his ‘wisdom’ is informed by his experiences in the golf industry, the airline industry… and his neighborhood Chick-fil-a.  This is a truly byzantine but interesting rant.

#14 – We Gotta Get Outta This Place by the Golf Gadfly
Do you know the true secret to Bruce Springsteen’s success?  The Golf Gadfly believes he does… and he is convinced that The Boss has provided a formula that golf course operators can use to grow the game. Stick with him for a few minutes on this one… it’s not as outlandish as it sounds.

#15 – Who’s Winning the Tee Sheet Wars in 2018? by the Golf Gadfly
Our highest ‘open rates’ in the past have been on emails that have chronicled the fates of the software vendors competing in the Tee Sheet Wars.  The Golf Gadfly continues to pay close attention to this market and provides an update on the industry as of mid-2018.

#16 – Which Tee Sheet System Is the Best? by The Golf Nomad
Because his involvement in the software industry is well known and because he is interacting with so many golf course operators in his travels, the Golf Nomad is often asked… “Which tee sheet system is the best?”  Get his provocative answer here.

#17 – Is the Strong Economy Good For Golf? by the Golf Gadfly
The impact of a strong economy on the golf industry contains a mixed bag of positive and negative consequences.  The Golf Gadfly tries to unpack the issues in a way that helps individual course operators think more clearly about how they can accentuate the positives and mitigate the negatives.

#18 – Who’s Your #1 Competitor? by the Golf Nomad
The Golf Nomad asks golf course operators this question a lot… and he almost never gets what he considers to be the right answer.  His somewhat offbeat perspective will almost certainly get your creative juices flowing on some ideas to generate more business.


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