2018-07-10 email topic – How do you reach more eyeballs?

In the Internet age, every one of us is bombarded with an ever increasing number of marketing messages, making it harder and harder for individual businesses to get and hold our attention.

How are daily fee golf course operators coping with this marketing maelstrom?

Virtually all of them are operating direct marketing campaigns to reach golfers via branded websites, email blasts and social media.

But for most courses, that’s not enough… and they rely on one or more indirect marketing channels to expand their reach.

Of course, there is no one size fits all solution for marketing a daily fee golf course… but paying some attention to how your peers are going about it can certainly be useful as you develop and implement your own marketing strategy.

Our colleague The Golf Gadfly has waded into this morass and studied the marketing habits of 200 daily fee golf courses in Minnesota (176) and Wisconsin (24).  195 of these facilities have at least 18 holes of regulation length golf.  Gadfly studied participation in the 12 largest multi-course marketing programs in the region.

Almost 95% of the courses studied participate in at least one indirect marketing program and over 50% participate in 3 or more programs.

Programs within the scope of the study include the Minnesota Golf Card, the MN PGA Golf Card, the Wisconsin Classic Golf Tour Card, the Public Country Club, My Golf Fix, iDeal Genie, Explore Minnesota Golf, GolfNow, TeeOff.com, Golf18 Network, GolfBook and TeeMaster.

It would take you days or weeks to collect this information on your own… take advantage of the dirty work that the Gadfly has done and spend your time thinking about the ramifications… it’s not too late to make some changes in your marketing activities for 2018 and it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about your 2019 marketing strategy.

The details of the study, including some pithy opinions from the Golf Gadfly are just one click away… check it out here on the Golf Gadfly’s blog… and if you’ve got some strong opinions of your own let us hear them.


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