An Opportunity for users of foreUP software services

This is a message to golf course owners/operators who use the foreUP tee sheet software system… use this idea to increase the value you receive from your investment in foreUP services.

Apparation is working with several Minnesota and Wisconsin golf course owners to create a co-op marketing platform that will be launched in spring 2019… it’s called the Internet Golf Database (IGDB).

The idea in a nutshell is to create a co-op marketing website governed by golf course owners that provides all the ‘good stuff’ associated with 3rd party tee time sites (convenience for golfers, extended marketing reach for golf courses) without any of the ‘bad stuff’ (disintermediation, barter, loss of pricing integrity, high commission rates).


The IGDB will enable golf course owners/operators in the US to:

  • Convert $100 per year of cost into $100M of revenues
  • Promote YOUR brands, not 3rd party brands
  • Gain control of the largest database of golfer contact information on the planet


We are piloting the IGDB during 2018 and we have good news for you… since foreUP has been a leader in enabling its customers to connect their tee sheet systems to other value-added services in the golf industry, you can now leverage your investment in foreUP software to extend your marketing reach during 2018 for no additional cost.
Here’s the deal… as easy as 1-2-3:

1. The site is up and running and is already connected to several area foreUP customers to enable tee time bookings… Pebble Creek, Ridges at Sand Creek, Southern Hills and The Summit.

2. You can offer tee times for sale on this site during 2018 for ZERO cost… no barter, no commission, no participation fees.  You control the pricing for all of your tee times… we’ll read the prices directly from your foreUP tee sheet system and golfers will pay you when they arrive at the course.

3. All you have to do to get your foreUP tee sheet system connected to the new booking site is send a brief email authorizing the connection to your foreUP representative (and copy us at [email protected])… an investment of 10-15 minutes.  We’ll even send you a draft email to save you some time; let us know if you’d like to receive one.


To make the IGDB work beyond the pilot, each course owner/operator that subscribes will need to do 3 things:

  1. Authorize us to connect the site to your tee sheets to enable convenient bookings (literally just a 10-15 minute investment of your time).  THIS IS WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW.
  2. Since there is no such thing as a free lunch… golf courses that want to participate in the program starting in 2019 will pay a modest annual subscription fee. But… since all ad, sponsorship and access fees generated on the site will be paid out to course subscribers it may not be long before the check you receive will be larger than the one you write.  So, wait a minute… maybe there is a free lunch after all?!?
  3. Contribute a chunk of golfer emails to the collective pool of golfers that will be notified about the site; these emails will go in a ‘lockbox’ so that they are never sold, spammed or shared with any unauthorized parties. Each golfer that you contribute to the co-op marketing database will be noted as “sponsored by” your course and every time that user interacts with the IGDB they will see your logo prominently displayed as the sponsor of their services.


So, please participate in this worthwhile cause for golf course owner/operators by doing #1 RIGHT NOW.

You can decide later if you want to participate in the program in 2019… and can opt out of the tee time booking connection anytime if you are not satisfied with the program.

In the meantime, your ‘worst case’ is that you spend a few minutes writing an email to foreUP authorizing us to connect to your tee sheet and then you don’t receive any bookings.

Your ‘best case’ is that you generate some incremental bookings this year for no cost and discover an important new marketing tool for your golf course that delivers all sorts of benefits starting in 2019.


Please be assured that A LOT of thought has gone into the design of the IGDB… check this link for other posts that outline more details… and weigh in with your own comments if you have some helpful feedback or some ideas on how to make the IGDB an even more powerful tool for golf course operators.


Join the IGDB evolution… it’s time to turn 3rd party tee time booking upside down.





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