Some Holiday Food For Thought

An idea came up during my recent golf trip to Arizona that’s been burning a hole in my brain and I wanted to give you some calorie-free food for thought to munch on during the holidays.

I was meeting with Don Rea of Augusta Ranch, one of the most entrepreneurial  course operators in the Phoenix area (or anywhere for that matter) and we were talking about the likelihood of achieving the MORE 18s IN ’18 goal… getting every golfer to play at least one more round of golf in 2018.

Don made the comment that in his team’s efforts to get people to play more often, they have developed an attitude that

“it’s not enough to be more welcoming… we need to be more inviting”.

Eureka, baby… it struck me as one of the most profound things I’ve heard in awhile and a very simple way to sum up the essence of our MORE 18s IN ’18 program efforts.

If we want to increase the odds that golfers will play more golf, we need to do more than let them know our doors are open… let’s make sure they are INVITED to play more often.

Will it work?  Why not?  Many of us attend more parties during the month of December than we do in the rest of the year combined.  Why?  In my case it’s simply because I’m invited to more parties at this time of year.  If I received as many party invitations throughout the year as I receive in December, I’m pretty sure I’d attend more parties.  Wouldn’t you?

Observe any foursome teeing off on your first tee.  Chances are one of the group was the organizer who made the tee time and invited the other 3 golfers to play.  That means up to 75% of the rounds played at your course were the result of invitations.  What if these folks got invited to play more often?  In fact, let’s take it to an extreme.  What if every golfer were to receive at least one invitation to play every day during the golf season… at a course that is conveniently located for them and with someone that they consider to be a decent playing partner?  And what if all the golfer had to do to accept the invitation was to click a button in an email to reserve their spot and then show up to pay and play?  And what if this was all done in a way that was viewed by golfers not as obnoxious or intrusive, but as helpful?  If all that happened, don’t you think most golfers would play at least one more round a year?  I’ve floated this idea with several golfers recently and some have said this would help them play 5-10 more times over the course of the year.

You might be thinking… yeah, right… how am I going to send out 5,000-10,000 invitations to play every day?

That’s where MORE 18s IN ’18 comes in… we’re going to make it very easy and convenient for you to be more INVITING during 2018.

We’ve already teased you with a few of the concepts for helping golfers play MORE 18s IN ’18… Golfing With the Stars and Quickies.

On January 2, we’ll be sending the complete list of 18 Ways to Play More 18s In ’18… and will be providing details on each idea during January and February so we can hit the ground running when the weather cooperates.

Let’s ask golfers more often if they ‘want to dance’.




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