#2 – Quick.golf

We gave you last week off to digest your turkey… let’s get back to work.

Here’s #2 of 18 ways to play MORE 18s IN ’18:  Quick.golf

Quick.golf sessions (“Quickies”) are a surefire method for helping people squeeze a little more golf into their increasingly tight schedules.

In survey after survey, the #1 reason golfers say they don’t play more golf is “I don’t have enough time”  (#2 is not enough money, #3 is no one to play with).  ADD is on the rise.  Commercials have been reduced from 60 seconds to 30 to 15 to 5.  Millennials demand customization of everything.

Quick.golf goes beyond offering a 9 hole alternative… it offers a quick, customizable version of golf with a liberating idea… allow golfers to check in, play as many holes as they have time for and pay based on the number of holes played.  A recent survey found that 65% of golfers 21-35 are attracted to the concept of Quick.golf.

Quick.golf is simple to operate… as easy as 1-2-3:
1) It takes only 30 minutes to activate your course, including training.
2) You decide when Quick.golf is available and what the price per hole is.
3) The Quick.golf web app (https://quick.golf) communicates your real time Open/Closed status to all users, collects payments from golfers based on the number of holes played and remits payment to you (less an administrative fee) monthly.

Wilson Golf Group led the way in MN/WI by participating in Quick.golf’s pilot program.  Now, your course can join the Quick.golf network in 2018.

To learn more about Quick.golf, go to https://quick.golf/joinus or send an email to harvey@quick.golf.

Don’t delay… any MN or WI course operators that sign up prior to their state golf show will have their set-up fee waived ($199 savings).

When Quick.golf is available, anyone with at least 45 minutes of time can play a few holes on the way home from work … or get a friend out for an introduction to golf… or convince their significant other to join them for a golf date… or get out with the kids for some quick play… or do a business meeting on the course instead of in the coffee shop, etc.  There are dozens of situations where a bite-sized golf session could be a good fit in today’s hectic life… and 3 more 6 hole quickies equals one more 18!

Wilson Golf Group already offers the service in MN (Oak Glen, Applewood Hills, Gem Lake, North Links), WI (Turtleback), MI (Northville Hills) and CO (Adobe Creek and Chipeta).

Consider using Quick.golf in 2018 to lure some people out to the course at times when you’ve got plenty of capacity.  And… wouldn’t you like to spice up your promotions with the pitch “Got time for a quickie today?”    If a critical mass of course operators begin to offer Quick.golf, awareness and adoption will accelerate for all.

It’s easy to join… contact Harvey Silverman at harvey@quick.golf.

Give golfers who “got got got no time” a chance to play more golf.



  1. Eric Kulinna says:

    Lone Tree Golf Club in Chandler, Arizona continues to use Quick.golf as a way to encourage junior golfers who are members of The First Tee of Phoenix to play a few holes after our programming classes with their parents. Adults pay a per hole fee to play with or without a cart, and juniors ages 17 and under can play for free with a paid adult when they use Quick.golf. It’s been a great way to encourage families to get on the course together, to play and have FUN!

  2. Greg Stang says:

    The Wilson Golf Group uses Quick.golf at 7 of our properties. We have captured new rounds after leagues are done in the evenings with the golfer that doesn’t want to play a full 9 in the evening. It’s a great tool to use in the evenings after league and twilight players are on the course.

  3. John Carson says:

    Quick.Golf has been a great way to increase those late afternoons that are normally very quiet. We have no league play in this market, so there are no conflicts with pre-booked group business. We have seen people use Quick.Golf that have not played here (or anywhere) for quite some time. Its seamless to operate.

  4. Hey, it’s not just us who thinks that Quick.golf and pay-by-hole is a good idea. Read what others have written. Quick.golf is a happenin’ thing, as they say:

    Follow those links to read what some pretty smart people think about how the business of golf has to change. It’s all about giving golfers more choices in how they consume golf, accomplished with technology. In fact, here’s a video you can watch from the recently held NGCOA Technology conference. This session includes Greg Norman: https://youtu.be/_fnsCBpBpRI. Enjoy and learn!

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