#1 – Golfing With The Stars

This is #1 of 18 ways to help golfers play MORE 18s IN ’18

Let’s say you’re Joe or Jodie Golfer, schlepping your way through another golf season.

How would you like an opportunity to play a round of golf with a guy who has played in the Masters, the US Open and the PGA?

Or with the 2017 Minnesota PGA Pro of the Year, who is also one of the sharpest general managers in the business?

Or with the owner of a local course who can give you the blow by blow story of how 100 acres of Wisconsin countryside became 18 holes of bliss?

Or with other local golf celebrities who are course owners, GMs, PGA pros, golf course architects, golf entrepreneurs, etc.?

Sure, some people might be intimidated by those situations… but many golfers would jump at the opportunity to play with a local golf celebrity.

Now they have the chance.

For example:
Dave Tentis, head pro at Troy Burne in Hudson, WI, is a legendary Minnesota golf talent who competed with the greatest players in the world at championships like the Masters, PGA and US Open.  Dave doubles as one of the most humble and lovable guys in the industry and is a delight to be around.  During 2018, Troy Burne is offering golfers a rare chance to play a round with Dave Tentis.  About once a month, there will be an opportunity for a group of lucky golfers to not only play Troy Burne’s fabulous track, but also to enjoy watching Dave’s smooth-as-silk swing and to hear stories about his experiences at the pinnacle of the sport.

Tom Abts is the 2017 Minnesota PGA Pro of the Year.  Over the last 25 years, Tom has converted Deer Run Golf Club in Victoria, MN from a second (third?) tier operation to one of the most vibrant golf experiences in the Metro.  The Deer Run parking lot is full every day due to Tom’s commitment to making golf more FUN.  Tom will let people in on the secrets of Deer Run’s success in monthly sessions of Golfing With The Stars during 2018.  In addition to being a world class story teller, Tom is a master instructor who can help participants find their natural golf swings.

Bill Block is the owner and mastermind behind White Eagle Golf Club in Hudson, WI.  Join Bill (“Eagle 1”) for a Golfing With The Stars round this year and get the full story on how he and his team turned 100+ acres of Wisconsin countryside into one of the most exhilarating golf experiences in the Twin Cities Metro.  If you’re game (and have some mountain goat genes), Bill will walk the course with you… less adventurous souls can ride a cart… and if you really twist Bill’s arm he might even enjoy a shot or two with you after the round.  You’ll also be able to check out White Eagle’s spectacular new clubhouse… just a short drive from the East Metro across the new St. Croix Crossing Bridge.

How do golfers participate in the fun?  Golfing With the Stars rounds will be posted in GroupLooper and golfers can sign up starting the weekend of the Minnesota Golf Show… first come, first served.  Of course you can also promote these rounds through your normal marketing channels.  Golf course operators will set the price for these rounds and participants will show up at the course, pay and play… courses will pay a modest $1/golfer fee to Apparation LLC for each golfer that joins one of these tee times via GroupLooper.

Every golf course has some “stars” in their sphere of influence.  We encourage every course operator to offer a Golfing With the Stars opportunity with your owner, GM, head pro, course architect or other local golf celebrity.  Create some buzz at your course with these opportunities.  If you have your opportunity posted by the time of the Minnesota Golf Show, everyone who visits the MORE 18s IN ’18 location at the show will hear about it.  Let’s give golfers something to get excited about!

And please… don’t tell us that you and your staff “don’t have enough time to play”… that’s the most tired cliche in the golf industry… after all, if you don’t play your own golf course, why should the rest of us?

To discuss how to get started on a Golfing With the Stars opportunity, email more18s@grouplooper.com or call Mike Dickoff at 612-889-6710.

Maybe if Golfing With The Stars really takes off, we’ll develop our own theme song… in the meantime, we’ll borrow one.



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