Here’s a list of the organizations that are doing the heavy lifting to make MORE 18s IN ’18 a success.  We hope you join the party… the more the merrier.  Joining is easy… contact us at


Golf Courses – Minnesota

Cragun’s (Bobby’s Legacy, Dutch Legacy, Reversible 9), Crystal Lake, Dahlgreen, Deer Run, The Jewel, Legends, Le Sueur Country Club, The Links at Northfork, Loggers Trail, Madden’s on Gull Lake (The Classic, Pine Beach East, Pine Beach West, Social 9), Minneapolis Parks Golf (Columbia, Fort Snelling, Gross National, Hiawatha, Meadowbrook, Theodore Wirth), Oak Marsh, Northfield, Pebble Creek, Pioneer Creek, Ramsey County (Goodrich, Keller, Manitou Ridge, Ponds at Battle Creek), Ridges at Sand Creek, Royal Golf Club, Southern Hills, StoneRidge, Three Rivers (Baker National, Cleary Lake, Glen Lake), Whitefish, The Wilds, Valleywood

Golf Courses Wisconsin

Lake Hallie, Ojibwa, Troy Burne, Turtleback, White Eagle

Golf Societies

GolfConnect, Pretender’s Golf Association, South Metro Slicers

Golf Associations

Chippewa Golf Association

Golf Service Suppliers/Marketing Networks/Other

Ace Technologies LLC, Apparation LLC (GroupLooper), Bryan Skavnak Golf Academy, Chronogolf, ESPN 1500, Explore Golf Minnesota, foreUP, Golf Pulp Media, iDeal Genie, My Golf Fix, Pellucid Corp.,, Silverback Marketing, RJ Smiley, Tee Times Magazine, Teesnap,, UW-Stout Golf Executive Management Program, Wisconsin Golf Trips


Any movement like MORE 18s IN ’18 needs LEADERS.  Here is a list of the early adopters who were willing to lead by example and were the first to make the MORE 18s IN ’18 commitment:

  • I will play at least one more 18 in ’18 myself.
  • I will help and encourage others to play more 18s in ’18.
  • I authorize the movement to add my name to the public list of supporters.

Not only does this list represent support from A to Z, but it includes many of the most prominent movers and shakers in the golf industry in the Upper Midwest.

  1. Tom Abts, Deer Run Golf Club (2017 MN PGA Pro of the Year)
  2. Mark Barstad, Chippewa Valley Golf Association
  3. Brad Behnke, Ramsey County/Goodrich/The Ponds at Battle Creek
  4. Steve Bengtson, Whitefish Golf Club
  5. Kent Blaschko, Ridges at Sand Creek, Apparation Golf & Country Club
  6. Bill Block (“Eagle 1”), White Eagle
  7. Nate Cardin, Southern Hills
  8. Jerry Carpenter, Le Sueur Country Club
  9. Kevin Carlson, Turtleback
  10. Leland Cheng, South Metro Slicers
  11. Mike Dickoff, Apparation LLC (GroupLooper)
  12. Dan Dols, Northfield Golf Club
  13. Steve Dowling, Explore Minnesota Golf
  14. Jeff Gonsales, ESPN 1500
  15. Jeff Grossman, Planet Waves LLC (My Golf Fix/Golf Card Caddy)
  16. Glenn Hagberg, Madden’s on Gull Lake
  17. Fred Hancock, Lake Hallie Golf Club
  18. Matt Just, Minneapolis Parks Golf
  19. Mike Luckraft, Legends Golf Club
  20. Keith Kalny, The Jewel Golf Club
  21. Jason Kauflin, Wisconsin Golf Trips
  22. Jim Koppenhaver, Pellucid Corp.
  23. Marcia Kreklow, Pioneer Creek
  24. Jim Leary, Royal Golf Club
  25. Troy Malo, Pebble Creek
  26. Mike Malone, Ridges at Sand Creek
  27. Jeff May, Three Rivers (Baker National, Glen Lake, Cleary Lake)
  28. Jim Orlando, Crystal Lake
  29. Eric Peterson, Cragun’s Resort
  30. Joe Pink, Teesnap
  31. Dan Pohl, Loggers Trail
  32. Joel Rager, foreUP
  33. Gary Rasmusson, GolfConnect (#1 GroupLooper CPI – 452)
  34. Scott Reuter, The Wilds
  35. Ed Sanchez, Golf Pulp Media
  36. Harvey Silverman, Quickgolf LLC
  37. Bryan Skavnak, Bryan Skavnak Golf Academy
  38. RJ Smiley, Ace Technologies LLC/golf writer
  39. Jenny Stendahl, Rush Creek
  40. Gary Swedberg, Pretender’s Golf Association (“PGA”)
  41. Dave Tentis, Troy Burne
  42. Dave Tessman, Dahlgreen
  43. Mike Tozier, The Links at Northfork
  44. Kevin Unterreiner,
  45. John Valliere, Past President, Minnesota Golf Association
  46. Chuck Wagner, Ojibwa, President Chippewa Valley Golf Association
  47. Matt Welliver, Chronogolf
  48. Steve Wetzler, Tee Times Magazine/iDeal Genie
  49. Steve Whillock, Oak Marsh
  50. Jim Zinck, Valleywood



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