Introducing MORE 18s IN 18

MORE 18s IN ’18 is a cooperative marketing program for the golf industry.

The goal of the program is to help every golfer in Minnesota and Wisconsin play at least one more round of golf in 2018.  An average of one more round per golfer translates into an average of $100,000+ of incremental revenue per golf course.

There are already 50+ golf industry movers and shakers who have pledged to participate in MORE 18s in ’18 and we expect that by the time the spring golf season launches a high percentage of the 908 public golf courses in Minnesota and Wisconsin will be in the boat.

Any golf course operator is welcome to participate in the program.  Courses do not pay any entry fee to participate and are not obligated to participate in any specific aspect of the program… each course can pick and choose which program components they want to use.

The most common reaction from golf course operators in our preliminary discussions of MORE 18s IN ’18 has been “This seems like a no brainer.  Why wouldn’t I do this?”  Why not indeed?


How will we stimulate golfers to play MORE 18s IN ‘18?

We’ve already identified 18 ways for golfers to play more 18s in ‘18… those ideas will be communicated to program participants in weekly emails between now and mid-February and we plan to introduce the program to golfers around the times of the Minnesota Golf Show (February 16-18) and the Wisconsin Milwaukee Golf Show (March 17-19).  As you learn more about the program, you’ll notice that most of these ideas benefit from a ‘network effect’… they will have a more powerful impact on golfers if they are offered by a critical mass of golf courses… we’ll all benefit from that critical mass.

Those 18 ideas are just a kick start.  Program participants are encouraged to generate and share additional ideas for stimulating more rounds.

And just to be clear… this is not yet another discount program… the focus will be on offering opportunities that make golf more fun and more convenient.  To the extent that discount programs are being offered by golf courses, we’ll make golfers aware of them but we are not requiring or encouraging course operators to offer any additional discounts.

Let’s get creative and have fun with this.  Most golfers want to play more golf… let’s HELP them.


How will golfers hear about MORE 18s IN ’18?

We will leverage several marketing channels to reach a high % of MN and WI golfers.

For example, Tee Times Magazine has reserved page 3 in each 2018 issue (both MN and WI versions) for use by MORE 18s IN ’18.

Other program supporters (e.g., Apparation LLC/GroupLooper®, will embed messages about MORE 18s IN ’18 in their ongoing communications with golfers.

We’ll recruit more marketing channels to pitch in… stay tuned for more announcements.

Golf course operators will be encouraged to use the MORE 18s IN ’18 catchphrase in email blasts and social media posts and to let golfers know about MORE 18 IN ’18 opportunities.  We’ll provide courses with a rich source of content for their individual marketing efforts… most courses have digital marketing channels that reach 5,000 to 15,000 golfers.


Who owns and operates MORE 18s IN ’18?

MORE 18s IN ’18 is not trademarked and is not intended to be ‘controlled’ by one entity… program participants are encouraged to use the brand to further the shared mission of generating more rounds of golf.  We even hope the concept spreads beyond MN and WI.

Apparation LLC (owner and operator of the GroupLooper® software platform) initiated the program and will contribute resources throughout 2018 to provide participants with a steady stream of information about program activities.  This communication will come in the form of weekly emails, periodic blog posts, training videos and periodic on-line meetings.

Use this link to see a (continuously updated) list of program participants.

Use this link to see a more detailed description of the program.

Contact us at or 612-889-6710 to join the MORE 18s in ’18 team.


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