Golf’s Golden Month

I met one of my buddies last week for a cup of coffee and as we got in our cars to take off, I peeked inside the cargo area of his car and didn’t see any golf clubs or other golf paraphernalia.  The back of Hacker’s car is normally a monstrous mass of loose golf balls, piles of tees, discarded gloves, tattered scorecards, smelly socks and other golf paraphernalia… but it looked spotless.

“Hey Hacker”, I said, “did someone steal your clubs?  What’s going on?”

He gave me a pained look and said “In case you haven’t noticed, the calendar just turned to October.  I’m done for the year.  The clubs are hanging in my garage.”

“Are you kidding me?!?”, I exploded.  I don’t normally like to lecture my friends, but this was an opportunity to sprinkle some serious golf wisdom on this boy.

“October is the BEST month of the year to play golf.  The course conditions are still amazing.  On the weekdays, the kids are back in school.  On the weekends, the football fanatics are glued to their TV sets counting their fantasy points.  It’s easy to get a tee time and zoom around with very few people in the way.  The weather is super comfortable… ok, maybe the temps are a little low on a few days out of the month but as long as it isn’t raining and you wear the right number of layers you can be very comfortable.  It’s super affordable… lots of courses have discounted rates in the fall.  You’re spent the whole season tuning up your game… you’re in peak form.  There’s no way you should be putting your clubs away yet.”

“Yeah, but you know my game, Gary”, Hacker replied.  “I tend to spray the ball a little and once the leaves start to fall I’m constantly losing golf balls under the leaves in the rough.”

“Yeah, ok, that’s legit”, I said.  “But come on, buddy, be a problem solver.  I’ve got a 3 point plan for turning October into golf’s golden month.

#1 – I play on weekend afternoons.  If the sun is out, the weather is as comfortable as it gets for golf and all the sheeple are consumed by either football or by kids soccer games.  The coast is clear.

#2 – I lean towards links-style courses with fewer trees.  Fewer trees equal fewer leaves.  Let’s go play The Links at Northfork next Saturday.  You won’t lose any balls in the leaves there.

#3 – If I do play a course with lots of trees and hence lots of leaves, I carry a secret weapon … a portable leaf blower.  As long as I can get in the vicinity of where my ball stopped, I just fire up the leaf blower and usually find the ball within a few seconds.  And, on the greens, a quick pass with the blower gives me a clear putt towards the hole.

Come on, what do you say, are you in for some October golf?”

“As usual, Gary, your logic is flawless”, said Hacker.  “The clubs are going back in the car as soon as I get home and I’ll be looking for an invitation to play this weekend… and be sure to bring that leaf blower… I’m going to need it.  You bring the blower… I’ll spring for the beverages.”

We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways… and I felt that little glow that I always experience when I help a golfer get to the 1st tee more often.

This year, thanks to Tee Times Magazine giving me the bully pulpit here on page 3, I shared a series of ideas geared to helping you squeeze in a few extra rounds of golf this year…, Joining Tee Times on GroupLooper, finding bargains on iDeal Genie, forming or joining a Virtual Country Club, Bite-Sized Golf Trips, Golf Snacks and Golf’s Golden Month.

Did it work?  Did you play more?

If not, there’s always next year.  In the meantime, we’ll be plotting and planning more ways to help you get your golf fix.


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