Golf Snacks

As we head towards fall, those glorious 9pm or later sunsets are in the rearview mirror, which has always caused a problem for people like me who like to get in a round of golf after work once or twice a week.

If I leave the office at 5 and get to the course and tee off by 5:30pm, even a lightning fast rabbit like me can’t make it around a full 18 before sunset once we hit mid-August. Thankfully, the golf industry keeps evolving to provide addicts like you and me with new ways to enjoy the game we love.

For my twilight rounds, I’ve converted to using to squeeze in as much golf as I can before darkness sets in. isn’t offered everywhere (yet) but it can be played at a bunch of the Wilson Golf Group courses in the area… Oak Glen, Gem Lake Hills, Applewood Valley, Turtleback and North Links.

The concept is simple… and cool.  You play as many holes as you have time for and pay a per-hole rate when you’re done.  You use the website ( to find courses where QG is offered (and the per-hole rates), you register and enter enough information so you can be billed, check in at the course (but no payment up front), play as much golf as you have time for, check yourself out by entering the number of holes played and QG will bill you.  It’s like an Uber for golf.

Now I can keep playing evening golf until the end of October… I used to stop once Labor Day hit.  And on those mid-summer days when the ball and chain in the office doesn’t get unlocked until 7pm or so, I can still get some golf in at a fair price… what a great stress reliever at the end of another pressure-packed day.

There are all sorts of situations where might be useful in getting in a few extra sessions of play during the year.

  • Not able to convince your non-golfing significant other to endure a 4 hour round? Try dinner and four-five holes to burn off a few calories and take in some scenery.
  • Your family wants to spend a sunny day on the lake instead of on the golf course? You can still squeeze in a few holes at twilight for a great nightcap.
  • Want to help a beginner learn to play without stress? Don’t subject them to a death march… play a little QG and stop when frustration sets in.
  • Want today’s lunch to be more than another 1000+ calories added to your waistline? Play some  You’ll be calorie neutral, stress-free and energized.
  • On the road and heading back to your hotel in the evening? Don’t vegetate in your room or on a bar stool; find a nearby course for some fun.
  • On a buddy golf trip with 18 holes already played today? If your gang isn’t up for another full 18, stop before or after dinner for some
  • Your home course is hosting an event with a 1pm shotgun today? Sneak in some QG in the morning or evening.
  • Instead of having your next one hour business meeting in the local coffee shop, offer the option of 4-5 holes of It’ll be a memorable experience.
  • Not that excited about your morning workout routine? Stop and play 4-5 holes before work and start the day on a high.

If you give it some thought, you can probably come up with a few more examples of how you’d like to use

The only fly in the ointment of this idea is that many courses aren’t yet offering a alternative.  If your favorite course doesn’t offer yet, let them know you want it… if enough people put in a good word, perhaps it’ll be an option for you next spring, summer and fall.  The website even has a feature that allows you to scan local courses and offer an email nudge to those where you’d like to have a option.

Next time you’re hungry for some golf but your schedule doesn’t allow enough time for a full round, enjoy a golf snack using


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