Who Wants To Help Me Play Golf Today?

Yikes!  It’s August already… how did that happen?

For those of us who live on the frozen tundra, this means that the golf season is more than half over.

I had two personal objectives this summer… losing some weight and playing more golf.  I regret to report that I am failing miserably on both fronts.

The failure to lose weight is all on me.  I know what to do and just need to do it.

Playing more golf is more complicated.  It’s a social activity that ‘takes a village’.  My network has disintegrated a bit this year due to a variety of issues… knee replacements and other physical maladies, heavier than normal work schedules, a rash of weddings and other family commitments, etc.  As a result, I’ve been left more often than before trying to find a way to play when my normal network of golf buddies is not available.  Compounding the problem is my strong desire to play a variety of courses; I’m not content to be a one-track golfer.

There are a variety of things that golf course operators could do to help someone like me play more often.  But… most courses don’t do them.

For example, here I sit at 8am on a Friday morning.  It’s a sunny day and I’m amped to play, but don’t currently have a tee time.

What does your course do to make it easier for me to show up and play at your course today?  I’m willing to pay rack rate… heck, I’d even pay a bit of a premium for some real help.

Of course, this isn’t all about me.  All of the sources that track the number of rounds of golf played are showing a continuing trend down.  Millions of golfers are playing less golf.  This trend could be reversed if more courses made it easier for people to play on days when they have the time and inclination.  Let’s reduce the volume of dreaded ‘woulda/coulda/shoulda’ played days.

I have 3 questions for you…

1. Do you agree that golf courses could increase play rates by being more welcoming to golfers who need a hand getting some golf in?

2.  If so, what are you doing about it?  I have some ideas if you’re interested.  They’re quite easy to implement and cost very little.

3. And… last but not least… who wants to help me play golf today?  I’ve got some money in my pocket and the clubs are in the car.


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