I Dream of iDeal Genie

Due to the rainy weather and a balky knee, I spent much of May inside waiting forlornly for the days when I could play some golf.

I was nursing a hot toddy just last week when Tee Times publisher Steve Wetzler stopped by.

“So, Steve”, I asked… “now that you’ve got your tee time booking service up and running, what other surprises do you have in store for your readers this year?”

Just then, something buzzed by my ear from behind, circled Steve’s dome and landed on his right shoulder.  I found myself going eyeball to eyeball with a gorgeous little fairylike creature that gave me the most dazzling smile I’ve ever seen.

As I stuttered and stammered trying to get out a “what the heck is that?”, Steve grinned and said… “I see you haven’t met iDeal Genie before.”

He craned his neck to get the diminutive darling in his view and said “Genie… meet my friend Gary.  He’s the one I’ve told you a few stories about.  Don’t worry… he’s a lot friendlier than he looks.”

As I continued to try to form a complete sentence, Steve turned back to me and said “iDeal Genie is one of our Tee Times secret weapons.  She offers our readers all kinds of rewards in the form of special deals on rounds of golf, restaurant meals, chiropractic visits and lots of other things.”

Still tongue tied, I grabbed my smartphone, googled “iDeal Genie” and opened the site that appeared at the top of the search (www.idealgenie.com… duuuhhhh).

I was immediately floored by the variety of deals available… including lots of top tier courses in the Twin Cities, Brainerd area, southern Minnesota, Wisconsin Dells area, Green Bay, etc.  Then I drilled down, expecting to see the usual “good for play anytime on Thursday between 8:30am and 8:39am or after 10pm on Fridays”.  But no… most of these deals are good anytime 7 days of the week… only a small percentage had any restrictions at all.

“Wow, Steve”, I said, “this is sweet stuff.  These prices are so reasonable I might even spring for two rounds and you can play on my nickel.”

“But tell me”, I continued, “how did you come up with the name.  Why not something more descriptive for this program like Beauty and the Beast?”

Steve gave me one of his most menacing stares, but he couldn’t hold it and we had a good laugh together before he said “Aside from the fact that I probably would have had a lawsuit on my hands with that name, I didn’t want to put my mug on the logo for fear I’d drive everyone running and screaming from the website before they bought anything.”

“Good call, dude”, I responded.  “You always were a savvier marketer than me.”

I took a few seconds to register and then spent 5-10 minutes browsing and buying quite a stash of rounds, plus a few 2-for-1 coupons at some fine eating establishments like O’Brien’s Public House in Shakopee.  It was amazingly easy and fast and my purchases were conveniently stored in my electronic iDeal Genie account so I can’t lose them.  When I want to use them I can either print the coupons and bring them in or just have the course or merchant redeem them directly on my smartphone.

“You’re smart to buy them now”, Steve said.  “Every one of these deals is a limited quantity and when they’re gone they’re gone… the better deals go fast so stock up now before they go up in smoke.”

“Really”, I said?  Can’t your magic genie generate an infinite supply of these things?”

“There’s a limit even to what iDeal Genie can do”, said Steve.  “For example, I asked her a few weeks ago if she could make me as handsome as Brad Pitt.”

“And???”, I arched my brow.

“Well, she’s never laughed at one of my jokes, but that comment kept her giggling for about an hour.  Then she got back to work adding more great deals to our inventory.  In fact, she just told me this morning she’s been hiding a few gems in the back room and will be adding them soon”.

So, fellow golfers, what are you waiting for?  Head to www.idealgenie.com and stock up on some of the best deals around.  The weather’s about to turn and we’ve got a long summer of golf ahead of us.  Stretch your dollars out a bit further this year with the help of iDeal Genie.  Unlike the old genie in I Dream of Jeannie, this genie is real!


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