Going To The Country (Club)

Awhile back, we told you we were going to visit 250 golf courses in 100 days.  We weren’t kidding.

We’ve already posted reports from visits to 36 courses on our GroupLooper Facebook page, including a spectrum ranging from 2016 Ryder Cup site Hazeltine National to the putting course at Centennial Lakes.  We’ve even included some RIP visits to the sites of some former courses.

We hope this bit of fun will stir up some fond memories from your past and/or stimulate you to try a few new courses.

Check it out and come back often; new posts are frequent.  Post your comments on any courses where you have had memorable experiences.

And please share with anyone you know who might enjoy this.

In the meantime, we’ll take Steve Miller’s advice and keep Going To The Country (Club).



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