Co-opetition is “cooperative competition”; an effort by competitors to cooperate to grow a market and then compete for the incremental business that they collaborate to create.

Co-opetition works in many industries.  For example, by cooperating to make it more convenient for customers to book and fly itineraries that require multiple airlines, the airlines provide customers with greater convenience and generate additional revenues and then they compete to win their “fair share” of that incremental business.

The golf industry NEEDS co-opetition.  With rounds and revenue slowly declining over the past decade, we need to pull out all the stops to get our industry growing again.

GroupLooper® Booking is co-opetition on steroids.  By collaborating  to create a significantly more convenient way for golfers to book tee times, we’re going to eliminate shoulda/coulda/woulda played days.  Enabling golfers to play just a few extra rounds a year each will generate a substantial amount of incremental revenue that individual courses can compete for.

GroupLooper® Booking will be launched during the week of May 22.  The technology platform has been developed and tested and we’re just tidying up a few details.

Next week, we’ll provide a sneak peek for golf course operators prior to launch… you won’t want to miss that.

We’re launching GroupLooper® Booking just in time for the summer golf season in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market and will be promoting the service to ~150,000 local golfers right off the bat.  It’s not too late for you to participate in the launch; those who sign on pre-launch will get special mentions throughout the year in our promotions.

We’d like to thank the pioneers that have made this launch possible:

Pebble Creek Golf Club, Ridges at Sand Creek and The Links at Northfork were the first golf courses to commit to participate in the program (we’ll provide a complete list next week)… thanks to Troy Malo, Mike Malone and Mike Tozier for leading the way.

ForeUp is the tee sheet supplier leading the way in creating a friction-less, open platform that makes it easy for multi-course booking systems to connect directly to golf course tee sheets cost-effectively (with authorization by the golf courses, of course).  Thanks to CEO Joel Ragar and CTO Brendon Beebe for their enlightened leadership.

Tee Times Magazine, TwinCitiesGolf and the PGA Minnesota Section have committed to promoting GroupLooper.  Thanks to Steve Wetzler, Kevin Unterreiner and Jeff Hintz for demonstrating their chops as team players dedicated to growing the game.


Press here to learn more about GroupLooper® Booking, or
contact Mike Dickoff at 612-889-6710 or [email protected].


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