No More Shoulda/Coulda/Woulda

My mind can be a scary place, but if you’re brave enough to step inside it for a few minutes let me share a frequent experience that you may recognize.

I wake up with the sun peeking over the horizon and think “I SHOULD play golf today”.

The fog of sleep begins to lift from my brain and I get a jolt of excitement as I think, “Hey, wait a minute… I COULD play golf today.  I’ve got time to squeeze it in.”

I check my email inbox, searching to see if Barry D’Lye, who usually organizes tee times for our group has sent out an invitation… “Shucks, nothing there.”

I think about booking a foursome myself, but my lazy gene kicks in as I think, “What if I book a foursome and don’t fill it up?  What if I book a foursome and five other people want to play?  This is a lot of work I’m signing up for.”  I don’t book a tee time.

I think about booking a single but many courses don’t allow you to do that online and if I call the course to book I’m taking pot luck in terms of who they pair me with.

My final thought before moving on with the rest of my day is “Well, I guess I WOULD have played… but I won’t.”

Shoulda… coulda… woulda.  It happens to me at least 5 times a year.  How about you?

I have some good news… you and I never need to experience another shoulda/coulda/woulda played golf day.

Here’s my new routine for 2017.

I wake up and think… “I should play golf today… HEY… I could play golf today.”

I grab my smartphone and press the Join a Tee Time button on my GroupLooper Dashboard.

Up pop a list of tee times at nearby courses that have tee times already scheduled and available.  If others have already joined those tee times, I can see their names and profiles.

I pick a tee time that’ll work for me and press a button to join it. I press a couple more buttons to trigger email invitations to a bunch of my favorite playing partners.  If the foursome doesn’t fill up, I don’t have to call the course and downsize the tee time.  If my friends can’t join me, maybe someone else will.

I’ve been awake less than a minute and my plans are made… no more shoulda/coulda/woulda.  I’m playing golf today… yahoo!

Try Join a Tee Time to avoid experiencing another shoulda/coulda/woulda played day.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Log in to GroupLooper® or sign up for a free account (

2) Put the GroupLooper icon on your phone home page so you can get back to it easily.

3) When you want to play, fire up GroupLooper and use the Join a Tee Time option.

Starting as early as May, several great courses in the area will be regularly posting GolfMixer tee times and individual tee time organizers looking to round out their groups will add more to the mix.  Heck, you can even post your own tee times out on GroupLooper if you or your friends are trying to fill up your foursomes.  And if your favorite courses aren’t posting GolfMixer tee times, give them a nudge… tell them it’ll help you play more often.

And if you want to contribute a little feedback to make Join a Tee Time even better, take the Join a Tee Time survey at

While you’re thinking about it, enjoy a little jam with one of my favorite foursomes.


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