At GroupLooper we strive every day to make golf more fun, more convenient and more affordable.

When it comes to affordability, we focus on finding opportunities for you to score deals on courses or at times that usually require you to pay full price.

For example:

  1. iDeal Genie – Tee Times Magazine (Minnesota) has been running its “Reader Rewards” program for a number of years.  This year, it’s even better.  Publisher Steve Wetzler has created a new service called iDeal Genie where you can buy discounted prices on rounds of golf at many of the top courses in the area.  While most discount programs have heavy restrictions on when you can get good rates, many of the rounds purchased on iDeal Genie are “play anytime” rounds.  There is limited capacity available on these deals, so buy your rounds here now… and then use them whenever you have time to play during the year.  iDeal Genie also contains some fantastic deals on restaurants and other local merchants.
  2. Birthday Round – Are you planning to have a birthday this year?  If so, check out the deal at Chaska Town Course (one of the very best courses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro)… a free green anytime during the MONTH of your birthday (or half-birthday if your big day occurs in the offseason).  There used to be lots of these birthday round deals, but they’re dwindling… take advantage of this one before it disappears too.

We’ve kept a few other sweet deals in our back pocket for another post in a few weeks… in the meantime, let your friends know about these opportunities and post a comment about any deals you think are even better.

After all, for some golfers its all about the money.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    One of my favorite birthday round courses is Cannon Falls

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