Got Time For A Quickie?

“I played way too much golf last year”… said no golfer, ever.

Every golfer I know would like to play more often.

Why don’t they?

Not enough time… not enough money… no playing partners available.  Sometimes we don’t have a good excuse.  We just let the day get away from us by allowing little barriers to produce another woulda/coulda/shoulda played day.


Strap yourself in.  We’re going to change the paradigm.  Together, we are going to destroy the myths that have been preventing you from playing more golf.  I’ll introduce an innovation each month, you’ll go out and try it and give me some feedback.  Deal?

Let’s start with a killer idea GUARANTEED to help you play more often.

Last October, my friend Donna Won sidled up to me as I was about to hop in my car after work and said “Hey Gary, got time for a quickie?”

I arched my brow as only I can, backed away from the vehicle and said “What exactly are you suggesting, Donna?”

“A quickie… you know…… it’s the latest, greatest web app.  If you only have a little bit of time to play, you use to find courses that allow you to show up, check in, play as many holes as you have time for, record the holes played as you’re leaving and you’re billed at a per hole rate.  It’s like the Uber of golf.”

For a time-strapped golfer like me, this was a lightning bolt revelation.  Could such a thing truly exist?  If so… those mornings with a little daylight before my first meeting, evenings like tonight when I schlepped home with 60-90 minutes of daylight left, business meetings with people who I know like to golf… all those suddenly are opportunities to get a little fix of my favorite addiction.  Had Donna found nirvana?

“Yes I have time for a quickie, Donna.  My clubs are already in the trunk… now what?”

Donna pressed a button on her smartphone home screen and showed me the display of courses nearby where was available and said “meet me at Oak Glen in 10 minutes… my treat today”.  She pressed a button to alert the course and we hopped in our cars, cruised to the course, grabbed our clubs and headed for the first tee.

Donna ducked into the golf shop for 10 seconds to check us in (no payment required yet) and off we went.  After 6 holes, the sun was disappearing and we agreed it was time to call it quits.  We zipped our cart back to the parking lot to throw our clubs in the car, Donna entered 6 Holes in the web app and it confirmed that she was being billed for 2 players times 6 holes times that day’s riding rate per hole per player plus a little tax.  I returned the cart, got in my car and headed home… satisfied after experiencing one of the greatest guilty pleasures of my life.  The whole experience was as fast and smooth as a downhill putt on Augusta National’s bikini waxed greens.

Now it’s your turn.

Learn more at or sign up free at  Then go play.

Despite being relatively new, is already offered at courses in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota and Wisconsin… and that list is growing fast.

The website even has a feature that allows you to send a message to courses that don’t offer yet to encourage them to get with the program.

To contribute your ideas to the mix, take the survey HERE and/or post comments below.

Do this all… quickly!  Donna and I can’t wait to hear how it goes.

And on your way to the course, enjoy a trip back in time with the Chairmen of the Board… give golf just a little more time… and your love affair with the game can surely grow.



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